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Just a little idea I had, it may have been brought up before, but here goes…

If equiwatt created an Alexa skill, users could have Alexa announce when an equiwatt event is starting and ending. This way, the whole household would be made aware, rather then just the person with the app on their phone. This would allow everyone in the household to try and reduce their energy consumption.

Anyway, just an idea for the developers.



+1 for this suggestion! I’ve been looking for a way to make an Alexa voice announcement of Equivents via IFTTT, but a native integration would be much more preferable.

+1 and Google Home… :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community @Ninko! I think this is a great idea, but we don’t have Alexa, Google Home or HomeKit integrations in our pipelines for anytime soon. But we have integrated with IFTTT, and it looks like you can make this happen by using this service. @Richard_Tubb Is this how you’ve accomplished it?

I have tried setting this up and although IFTTT says the event triggered, my Alexa routine never triggers.

I would need to try this on my end and get back to you. Will give it a go sometime this week and report back with a guide if I’m successful!

Strangely the start of the last event triggered Alexa but not the end of the event.

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Oh that’s brilliant! The ending not triggering would be due to a known issue of IFTTT triggers not firing for the end of DFS events. We’re looking into this currently and should be fixed before we bring IFTTT out of beta in around a week.

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Ok, thanks for the update.

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Sadly the start routine didn’t trigger this time and I’ve not changed anything since last time, so it doesn’t appear to be very reliable for some reason?

Hi @Ninko, has this issue become better for you now?

@mahen Actually it has been working better, the only thing I would say is there’s a big delay between an event beginning and ending before Alexa announces it, from a few minutes right up to 15-20 minutes after.

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I see, that’s some good news. Regarding the delay, we’re working on improving this currently as we change how equivents work.

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