Only just found this. A web based version of the app. Great to have a look at this on a large screen rather than squinting at a phone!

It seems to be a slightly older version in that the community tab shows top 3 in the leaderboard and for me the community stats and referals have a rotating disk as if they are still loading, but that maybe browser specific…

Hi @Derek_ladkin, did offer a web version in the past but is now outdated so it won’t fully function. We are currently in the process of bringing this offline so it will not be available from around next week or so.

We are currently looking at pushing apps for macOS & Windows sometime in the near future. But web app most likely will not be possible due to limitations in what can be accomplished with current web technologies.

FWIW Discourse offers an option to install the forum as an “app” on your phone.

If you go to the hamburger in the browser on your phone, you should see “install app” as an option. Just makes it slightly easier to use the forum.