Bug report - equivents are back

A couple of bugs to report:

  1. In today’s powerdown (18 00 to 19 00), which I opted in to, I got the above contradictory screen at 18 38 indicating that I wasn’t participating in an equivent (sic) but that my fridge-freezer was.

  2. About the same time I had a message (see above) telling me that my forecast for the current powerdown event had been updated but not what it had been updated to. Indeed there had been no prior information on what my forecast was.

  3. Also on the screenshot there’s a message: “An equivent has started. Tap for more details.” however none was forthcoming.

The reference to equivents was a bit of a giveaway that something was wrong. You probably know about these bugs already but in case not I thought I should mention them.

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Hi @Jonathan_Darby :grinning:

First and foremost thanks for being patient and submitting such a detailed bug report! It really helps us in tracking the exact issue.

The forecast issue was fixed once it was identified but the fix didn’t seem to have worked for a few users (including you). However, another fix was applied after we identified this.

Our tech team is working on the root cause of this issue to try and make sure that this does not occur again.

Rest assured, if you turned off all the appliances at the start and kept them off throughout the event it wouldn’t have affected your points. From what I can see you did keep your appliances off and earned points for yesterday’s event :clap:

Apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks again for being part of the equiwatt community.