Calling all equiwatt EV owners🔌🚗

Hello, community :wave:

We are excited to invite all of our members who own electric vehicles to participate in our EV trial to help us refine our product and services tailored to electric mobility.

As part of this trial, we’ll be testing our EV capabilities, including automated and manual start/stop features during specific powerDOWN events at different times to ensure that our technology aligns perfectly with your needs and lifestyles.

Your feedback will be invaluable in shaping the future of our offerings and our development process so we welcome your comments and ideas throughout the trial. :speech_balloon:

What’s next? :thinking:

To make sure you can take part in the trial, please make sure you have completed the following actions:

Connect your smart meter - This allows us to measure your energy usage and reward you for taking part in trial events. Here’s a quick guide to help you get connected if you get stuck.

Connect your EV or Charger - This enables you to access the app’s existing EV features and enables us to automate your EV’s participation in events. Learn how to connect your EV here or your charger here.

Important :rotating_light:

I don’t have a smart meter, can I take part? Unfortunately not. You need a smart meter to take part in the trial.

My EV or Charger aren’t listed in the app, can I take part? Yes. If your EV or charger aren’t currently supported, you can still participate in trial events by manually pausing your EV’s charging.

Let’s work together to make equiwatt even better for the EV community

Thank you for being part of our journey towards a more sustainable future.

All the best,

Shubham - Associate Product Manager