How are equivent points worked out?

After receiving a few queries regarding the value of points varying between events, despite the amount of energy being reduced being the same, we thought it was worth clarifying a few things.

Why the difference in points value?

For National Grid DFS events, the rewards are subsidised by National Grid. This means you are able to earn 2x or sometimes 3x more points for taking part in them in comparison to Non-DFS equivents. One of the main reasons for this is that the DFS scheme is the first large-scale domestic flexibility trial in the UK so they wanted to incentivise as many people to take part as possible, so the rewards on offer were particularly good.

Ultimately, the number of points you can earn for taking part in an equivent will depend on who is paying us for running the event and what they offer per kWh saved for providing flexibility to the grid. In some instances, this will mean that you will earn less per kWh saved for shifting the same amount of energy.

In the coming months, we will be making some changes to the app to make it clearer who the event is being run for and what the reward per kWh is being offered for anyone that takes part in the event. This will help to give you all a better idea of how many points are on offer and provide more transparency on who has requested us to run the event.

As many of you will be able to appreciate, the domestic flexibility market is still in its infancy so we might not have answers to all of your questions right now as many things are still being worked out but if you do have any questions or feedback, please get in touch!


Hi all,
I think that the smart meter reading is incorrect, as my last 3/4 equivalentz don’t equate to the real world power usage. The synchronization is at least 30 minutes out.
It’s a shame that Kassa plugs have not used for a while and given the you get 0 points I am glad I only have 1.
ATM I only get a few points above the points that was given using Kassa.
Any thoughts on the smart meter problems would be helpful

Hi @Stephen_Chattaway, it seems like there’s a 30 minute mismatch because we report the consumption for the past 30 minute period.
For example, if it says something like 2:00PM: 3kWh that would be your usage for the period between 1:30PM - 2:00PM. But it seems like some energy suppliers report this in reverse…so the usage they give for 2:00PM would be the usage between 2:00PM - 2:30PM.

Hope this is clear? We will try to make this clearer in the app in the future by indicating the entire period instead of just the period ending time.

Thanks for your help
Your explanation doesn’t make sense,as last night’s equivalent was perfectly reading Ok. Example, Lower usage within the 1 hour slot
Screenshots are available .
Kassa plugs?

I see, in that case your supplier (or wherever you’re looking at) should be reporting the same way we do. We did have an additional issue where the Smart Meter data page was not displaying the data in day light savings time. Perhaps this was the issue you were seeing?

This has since been fixed, but it was purely a data presentation bug in the graph and detailed view, and didn’t have anything to do with the actual consumption and calculations.