Kasa plug automation problem

I’m just informing you, my Kasa plugs didn’t automatically participate in today’s instant power down event.
Not sure why, says they are offline but according to the Kasa app they ain’t.
I turned them off manually in the end.

Same issue here. Showing as online in Kasa, and could switch off from the Kasa app, but still showing Offline in Equiwatt.

I know our internet’s not the fastest, but I’ve deleted and re-added Kasa, turned the fridge off …and Equiwatt is still showing it as On, so something’s broken

I think i had a similar experience.
Note my smart meter isn’t quite working as it should do at the moment having lost connection (halfhourly etc.)…causing me billing issues for EV charging…sorry tender area…
Anyway my kasa plugs were showing offline on the app (as advised recently i have disconnected and reconnected account) and while i didn’t check if one appliance (fridge) remained on or not at the time, after the event it didn’t register as having participated in the event.

Hi @Ninko @Stuart_Morrish @Rich_T,

Thanks for reporting this, I have passed this information to our tech team.

For now, I suggest disconnecting your Kasa account and connecting it again. Also, I recommend monitoring your device for the next events until the exact fix from our side is in place.

Thanks again for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks Shubham, i have done just that and it seems to have done the job. Now showing on. Will see how it gets on next event :+1:


Is yours working now @Stuart_Morrish ?

Mine just says Offline again :frowning:

Same problem for this latest event, all plugs show offline again when they actually ain’t.
I manually switched plugs off again.

I spoke too soon…both my plugs are reading offline…:frowning:

Same problem here. Reports offline but everything fine in the KASA app. Have re-added the account twice now.

Hi @Rich_T, @Ninko, @Stuart_Morrish, @Robert_Evans1
Thanks for keeping us updated. There was an issue that affected KP115 Kasa plugs which we have now fixed. Please could you check the status of your plugs and let us know if you experience any other issues.

Thanks for your patience,

Mark - Team equiwatt

Only 1 out of 6 plugs are showing as online here.

My two kasa plugs took part in the latest equivent as expected, so all good at my end…just need to get my smart meter issue resolved by the energy company, appointment organised.

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I’ve reconnected the Kasa account again, all online again, for now. :crossed_fingers:

Back to just 1 out of 6 plugs online, so from my point of view, it’s not fixed sadly.

My devices appear to be randomly on and offline, still doesn’t appear fixed to me.

Not on App Beta Testing. On Power Down Event late August one of my Kasa plugs HS110 did not turn off but the other 3 HS110 & a KC115 did. Before yesterday’s Power Down Event noticed that Equiwatt app was showing my 4x HS110 plugs as off when they were on, the KC115 plus a new KC115 plugs showed as on. Removed Kasa account from app and added back again. All six plugs showed as powered on. After a while all four HS110 plugs showed as off but were on and KC115 showed as on.

We are investigating an ongoing Kasa plug issue. We will update the results here.