Kasa Plug "Offline"?

I have 3 Kasa plugs - all visible and working in the Kasa app. All three were connected to Equiwatt - but now one of them has a status of “Offline” and consequently is no longer participating in events.

Any suggestions how I can fix this?


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Hi Chris, maybe telling you something you allready know i had the same problem, when looking on the Kasa app it showed one of my plugs offline after an event although checking the plug was actually working, if you go into the app click on the relevant plug and select the cog wheel at thetop right then click on advanced device info this shows last time synced and wifi info i was not connected to wifi, on checking signal strength there was non i bought a wifi extender and since then nevef had an issue, hope this helps.

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Thanks Derek, That’s helpful. I think you might be right - the plug is plugged into a socket at the back of a floor-level kitchen cupboard that’s about as far away from the nearest mesh WiFi access point as it’s possible to be.

What’s puzzling me though is that the plug is visible (and controllable) in the Kasa app, even though the signal is low (-74dB). The plug right next to it in the double socket (at -77dB) has been working in Equiwatt consistently.

Anyway, I checked all this yesterday when I got your reply and couldn’t make any sense of it. But! I’ve just checked again and the plug has now come back online in Equiwatt.

I think it’ll just have to go down to marginal signal levels. It’s just strange how the symptoms didn’t seem to make sense - I’d expect that if Kasa could see the plug then Equiwatt would too. Maybe it’s a scanning/timing/polling thing coupled with the signal issue…?

Thanks again,

Hi Chris, sorry to hear about this issue! There are some intermittent issues of that sort with the current Kasa integration. We’re currently finalizing a much better one using their official API, so these kinds of issues should be solved. We will be releasing it to the beta group within the next few weeks!

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Thanks :+1::ok_hand:

I’ll look out for it…