Notification of events

For those with an android phone and Alexa devices you can get the notification through one of these devices, go to “sounds and vibration” in settings menu on your phone go to “separate app sound” turn on tab, select Equiwatt App, in audio device select bluetooth device make sure the Alexa device has Bluetooth enabled, when an Equiwatt event starts the notification is then played. I found that i missed the notification on my phone as it is too quite and same tone as messages.


Thanks @Derek_Streets - I had to go into the setting menu, the the App Info to change the notification settings , but that’s really helpful advice.

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There was an event this evening that I don’t think I was notified about and didn’t sign up for. The oven was on, so no points I guess.

@Mahen1 I thought we mostly had to sign up to events now, so we’ll usually know about them ijn advance?

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Hi @John_Thomas, we still do run a few events without notice and opt-in. We will mark the distinction a bit clearer for these.