Oxfordshire Referral Leaderboard! Earn £500

Calling our community in Oxfordshire!

Do you live in Oxfordshire or know someone that does? We need your help!

equiwatt is taking part in innovative energy trials as part of Project LEO demonstrating how consumers can support the local grid to accelerate the transition to Net Zero and get rewarded for it! Users can earn back part of their energy bill cost, and also reduce CO2 emissions by helping avoid the use of fossil fuel power plants.

For this trial, we need as many people in Oxfordshire on board as possible and we would love your help in spreading the word about equiwatt!

To make it a bit more interesting and fun, we have created an extended leaderboard and thrown in a big prize! The first person to onboard 20 new verified* users to the equiwatt app and top the leaderboard will earn £500 in bonus points!

What do you need to do?

  • Opt in to our Oxfordshire Referral Leaderboard
  • Invite anyone you know in Oxfordshire to join the equiwatt community with you unique referral code. You can find it, along with the ‘share invite’ feature, in the equiwatt app > community tab > referral.
  • Make sure your friends connect their smart meter or if they don’t have one, to ask us to manually verify their MPAN.
  • You can share these help articles with your friends to get them all set up.
  • Track your progress in the referral leaderboard here

What do your friends need to do?

  1. Download the equiwatt app & create an account.
  2. Connect their Smart Meter to their account. If they don’t have one, we can manually verify their MPAN for them upon request*.
  3. Participate in weekly equivents to save energy & CO2 at home and earn rewards points. (They will automatically participate in the trials if they live in Oxfordshire).

You must opt into the Oxfordshire Referral Leaderboard to be eligible to win the £500.
Every new referred account will either have to have connected their smart meter or manually verify their MPAN for them to count towards a user’s 20 referred users.
The leaderboard will be updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Once a user has achieved 20 verified referrals, the leaderboard will end and all opted in users will be notified of the winner.

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