Smartmeter not smart enough

Hi. I have been with Equiwatt for what seems like years - I have participated in 262 equivents if this gives an indication of how long.
What saddens me is that I have always been an early adopter of smart meters and apps like this and like being at the forefront of making and leading change in usage. But my smartmeter is an olde-fashionede one that only reports readings every 60 mins. This has meant that I have not been able to participate in any of the grid events that have been taking place earlier in the year, I fell like I have fallen by the wayside.
I am with British Gas and am one of the group of people who have no ability to see their usage either online or on the app - so I have now had to resort to taking weekly meter readings and reporting them into a spreadsheet in order to guage whether my DD is meeting my usage - it feels like the dark ages here.
I have people suggest using various app that read data direct from your smartmeter - not one of these old ones they don’t.
Disappointing times…

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Hi Jane, that’s really unfortunate and I hope you can get it sorted soon. What has British Gas said about this?
All of these old meters are currently being updated remotely (you can check here if yours has) but if it’s not possible the supplier is supposed to install a new meter.

We will still run some events in which you can just participate with your plugs…we’re running these as a trial with our existing users to gather data and also because of users like you who have been with us since the beginning and are unable to get on a smart meter through no fault of their own. But the reason we’re switching away from these is because we cannot validate the savings properly without a smart meter and therefore do not get paid ourselves for any savings made without a smart meter.

Hopefully the suppliers and the DCC can sort out these issues before the next winter DFS.

Thannk you for your response, much appreciated.
As to what have BG said? Well, I have been on chat, calls, forums, you name it and raised complaints and asked to elevate complaint - each complaint is simply closed down with no advice to me on the basis that it is a “known” problem - I am advised that is will be “soon” that I will be able to update my app to be able to report activity. I cannot see how I can raise a complaint with a higher body as I have nothing tangible to show to support my plight.
Half of me wants to fight for more information about my usage on the basis that the monetary outlay is the biggest of my budget - goodness, I pay EE a tiny amount a month and can get a usage detail any time I like - the other half of me simply cannot be bothered to try once again to raise a complaint…

I see, I can imagine how tough getting any proper customer support from them may be. And I guess they have no idea about when exactly your meter might get migrated…which is ridiculous. This whole process has been a bit of a mess. In any case I’ve read that they’re now migrating over 15k meters daily, so fingers crossed for yours getting migrated soon.

There’s a bit about who can help with complaints here if that helps.