Tapo Integration


just wondering if there is any update from equiwatt on the tp-link Tapo integration?

I have various Kasa plugs which work fine with the app but they can be hard to get hold of at times due to stock issues


@Ganey Welcome to the community! We’ve been working on the Tapo integration for some time, and it’s almost ready to go, but the only thing holding us back from releasing it at this point is that the API doesn’t support live energy monitoring as we have for Kasa. Which means we can’t calculate your energy savings, and therefore points.

We have a solution for that coming up in the next two weeks, where we’ll be monitoring the energy usage via the Smart Meter instead, so we’ll be able to support the Tapo plugs sometime shortly after that goes live.

But in the meantime if you want to get Kasa plugs, we have them in stock. :grinning:

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I came across this post because I wanted to see if Tapo was supported, any news on release times for Tapo support? I’m all Tapo on the smart plug front!


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Hi @Adam_Driver, welcome to the equiwatt community!

We’re still waiting to receive the final Tapo API from TP-Link’s side (All good to go from our end). Fingers crossed we get this within the month.

But for the interim, you no longer need to have fully supported plugs as you can participate in equivents by just connecting your Smart Meter & manually turning your devices off when you receive a notification. And if it’s automatic turn off you’re after, you could use our new webhooks feature if you have something like a Home Assistant or Apple Shortcuts setup (we’re also adding IFTTT support soon).


Hey Mahen,

That’s really helpful info and thank you for the quick reply! I will take a look!

Much appreciated,


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Tapo is strange. It’s said to be the newer product, but the one Tapo I have does not meter electricity. The integration with home assistant also seems to be a faff and a half.

I wonder if Mahen knows any more.



Hi Mahen
Any update in Tapo?

Hi Phil,

It’s not ready yet from Kasa’s end. It’s been like this for a while so we are not looking to push it live anytime soon. However you could use IFTTT to turn off and back on Tapo plugs which we’ll be launching out of beta sometime next week.