The new Kasa API is here! 🔌

If you’re a beta user, you should now see the new Kasa API appear in your device list. If you’re having any issues with our existing Kasa integration, this should solve them. You can also enable 2FA for your Kasa account when using the new integration.

We’ve also added a new “Command history” for each plug which will show you a history of commands that we send to your plug.

Please note that to use the new integration, you’ll need to remove your Kasa account from equiwatt and add it back using the new “TP-Link Kasa Plugs (Beta)” option.

Let us know if you encounter any bugs & issues with this beta integration!


Can you explain how the API works? Is this server to server or does the app need communicate directly with the Kasa device?

For those who don’t know: you can control Kasa devices from the command line.

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Hi @MagicHorsey, it’s server to server. We connect to the TP-Link servers and manage them through there…

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How do you remove the Kasa account from equiwatt? I have done nothing but the beta version has appeared in my list of integrations. There is also a command history for each plug.

Hi @Oliver_Dawson, if you didn’t disconnect your Kasa account and re-add it with the new (Beta) integration, you will not be on the beta. It will just appear in the add devices list as an option…but you are not on the beta unless you specifically used that option to connect your plugs.

For removing Kasa integrations, you can click on a kasa plug and then click on the gear icon that appears in the top right. Or there’s also a “Remove Kasa account” option just under the “View Command History”.

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Thanks. I followed your instructions and added the plugs using the beta integration.

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