Ticket system not working?

I was going to report a possible bug (the event participation count seems to be linking to the last events points earned vs how many events I have actually participated in) though I could no longer find the previously ever present feedback button.

Hi @Arfan_Bhatti thank you for getting in touch.

We have removed the Shake Bug ticketing system from the latest version of the app which is why you will not be able to find it.

Unfortunately, a lot of users were using it to send us other general enquiries rather than using it to report bugs. Moving forward please just share any bugs or issues that you find with us here in the community forum.


Mark - Team equiwatt

Thanks Mark.

Noted the bug mentioned above and will make a new topic if I spot any others.

Kind regards

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No problem @Arfan_Bhatti.

That would be great.

All the best,