Unreliability in events?

I’ve had smart plugs not responding, appearing offline to Equiwatt but online in Tapo, then as I was trying to check the status of the app a couple of minutes before tonight’s event, it reported “session expired”. Then took several minutes for the OTP code to arrive, by which time the plugs had missed the start of the event.

What is going on? (Or maybe it’s just me and my network, and plugs, and app/s. )

I think there is a third party verification issue with Kasa.

My plugs didn’t turn off either (missed the last three events, that I know of) but I was able to turn them off in the Kasa app and they now show as participating in Equiwatt.

With smart meter verification, it seems the best thing to do with smart plugs is to manually setup a schedule once you know about an event …you might miss an instant Powerdown, but it’s better than a 100% failure rate, which is where I am at the moment

That’s weird. I think I’d been encouraged to use the Tapo app.

I switched off my plugs in Tapo, and Equiwatt was showing them all as “on” instead of “participating”.

I opened the Kasa app and weirdly it showed the plugs switching back on at 18:32 - approx the end of the event.

Back in the Equiwatt app, the plugs were now showing “participating”.

Clearly some stuff to do here before you expand to most of the general public, Equiwatt. @mahen