You can now connect your smart meter without an IHD!

Good news! You can now connect your smart meter to the equiwatt app without needing an In-Home Display (IHD). Instead of using a code found on an IHD, you can now verify your address using a bank card!

How does it work?

When you verify your address using your bank card, you will be asked to enter your card and home address. A 30p charge is applied to the transaction however, this is instantly refunded once the process is completed.

We never see your card details and we do not keep them anywhere on our system, only your address is shared with us. The whole process is done by Stripe, one of the largest e-commerce payment providers in the world.

What do I need to do?

  1. Connect your Smart Meter via the widget in the ‘Manage’ tab (toggle icon) of the app. (Note: if you have already added your MPAN the widget will say ‘Verify your MPAN’)
  2. Enter your MPAN or select ‘Connect your Smart Meter’ and follow the onscreen instructions to verify your address with your bank card. (Note: if you have entered your MPAN already, we recommend removing it and starting the process from the beginning).
  3. Address Verified - You are all set and ready to take part in your first equivent!

You can follow our full walkthrough guide here - Connecting your smart meter to the equiwatt app for the first time - tutorial

What are the benefits?

Having a compatible smart meter connected to your equiwatt account enables you to earn points for participating in equivents by switching off any appliance in your home!

You will also receive historical insights into your home’s energy usage which will help you make changes to your energy habits that save you both energy and money as well as reduce your carbon footprint too!

If you have any questions about the new feature, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us


Mark – would this allow me (finally!) connect my “dumb” SMETS1 meter to Equiwatt, or am I still cursed to wait forever for the authorities to upgrade it?

Hi @Richard_Tubb, we are only able to support smart meters that provide half-hourly readings via the smart meter network (DCC) as we use these readings to calculate your savings and award points.

If your SMETS1 meter has not been upgraded by your supplier and the DCC then unfortunately we will not be able to support it until this has taken place.

Energy suppliers are obliged to offer all their customers a smart meter or upgrade existing SMETS1 meters before the government’s deadline of 2025 so hopefully, your supplier will get yours sorted soon!

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