App showing unable to get 1/2 hour readings

Morning app showing unable to get 1/2 hour readings, nothing has changed been perfectly OK untill today, have checked my service providers app and everything set correctly and it is receiving data, is there a problem please advise thanks

Hi @Derek_Streets it appears taht your MPAN/smart meter has not been removed from the Power Saver App which has caused this issue.

To retrieve half-hourly data in the equiwatt app your MPAN will need to be removed from the Power Saver app and then you will need to add your MPAN back into the equiwatt app.


Mark - Team equiwatt

Hi Mark

Thanks for your reply as a Scottish Power user i downloaded their Power Saver app this does not have the same benefits as yours, so i have never used it, their app is also showing unable to get 30min data is this for the same reason. Do i need to remove the MPAN from the Equiwatt app and the re add.

Thanks Derek

Hi Derek,

No problem. I believe that may be the case yes. Yes we would recommend reconnecting your MPAN to the equiwatt app to reset the connection


Mark - Team equiwatt

I had the same problem, noticed yesterday that Equiwatt couldn’t get my 1/2 hourly data, nothing has changed in recent days.
I have reconnected my MPAN and data is back in the App.