Automatic devices not participating

Not sure why but recently it keeps reporting that my automatic devices ain’t participating in events, but I can assure you, they are.

I’ve tried to attach a screenshot, but the button for that doesn’t appear to be doing anything?


Hi @Ninko, there is nothing to worry about on that front. We know that your devices are participating automatically. With the recent changes to how we are running equivents, there are still some bits of the app that need to be updated, including this text that you have mentioned. This will be updated in the coming weeks as part of a new app update.


Mark - Team equiwatt

Ah, right, ok thanks.


Is this fix still outstanding?

I got “your automatic devices haven’t participated…” for yesterday’s event, event though the plugs were all enabled.

I’m seeing the same thing, although it does say I’m getting points via smart meter. Maybe I’m just not understanding how the system works haha.

We’ll be releasing a major UI update next week that addresses this, among other inconsistencies now that majority of events are settled via smart meters. Like @Ninko is saying it says that because we aren’t calculating the points using those devices anymore…but it’s quite misleading.

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