Can Solar PV be compatible with Equiwatt?

Now that the days are longer with sunnier weather, my Solar PV is generating during and beyond the Equivent periods. Although I can be exporting 1,000 Wh during an Equivent, I am deemed to have only “saved” about 50 Wh. If people with Solar PV have no history of importing from the Grid during Equivent periods, then they cannot make any “savings” from nothing.


Welcome to the community @David_Lewis! Thank you, this is a fair point. It’s something we’re aware of and are working on a solution to but we cannot provide any timeline or concrete announcements at this time.

The same is happening to me. My unused generation is flowing back to the grid but I cant earn points because at the time of the equi event I am not importing from the grid.

I think it unlikely that a solution can be found.

We’re exploring it, because we do also have access to export data via smart meter.

The Smart meter can give import and export readings, but it cannot show the amount being generated (dependant on the strength of the sunlight), or the amount of generated being used before being exported through the Smart meter.

Yep, for those readings we’re exploring direct integrations. But it’d be highly dependent on what kind of setup you have.

Installation August 2011
10 X Samsung LPC247SM-06 Monocrystaline
SMA Sunny Boy SB2500HF Inverter
Elster A100C Generation meter

Adding this article as intersting how too much solar generation can be expensive for the grid as well UK 'power dumping' raises concerns over energy management - Energy Live News