Deleting past notifications

Morning is there a way to delete past notifications
Cheers Derek

I don’t know.
But I assumed reading them would mark them as read, but they keep coming back.

I can’t find a way of getting rid of them either. Mine go back 9 months, which is probably when I started with Equiwatt. I also have trouble marking them as read sometimes, eg Unread notifications have a count number on the welcome page, tap the bell opens your list and you see green spots next to unread messages. Read the message, tap it, green spot goes away. Come out. There’s still a number on the bell. Go back in and the same message has a green spot, ie unread.

I think I found a way to clear all. Top right of screen, tap the 3 horizontal lines (sloping vertically), I think this may be to “mark all as read”.

Thanks Jeremy. That doesn’t do anything on my phone. I try it every time I use Equiwatt, just in case they’ve added the functionality into the place where you’d expect to see it. But no.