Equivent Webhooks unreliable

So I want equivent Started to turn off devices via Google Home, and equivent Ended to turn them back on. This is not easily performed directly

So, I tried the Webhook integration to call a URL to trigger a scene in my home automation, to switch a device ON, and vice versa to OFF when the equivent Ended. The device operating then was used as a Starter in Google Home scripts to turn devices off and on.

This did not work; I suspect due to the POST payload.

So, I instead used the Webhook to instead call a Bit.Ly URL, that then redirected to trigger my scene.

This did work. Confirmed by sending demo triggers for Started and Ended.

However, when the 16 November 2023 equivent Started, it did not engage with my Bit.Ly URL, so my scene was not triggered.

Luckily I was watching this pan out and was able to intervene to run my Google Home script.

So, I have 2 questions:

  • Why did the equivent Started Webhook not work
  • Can an integration to Google Home be implemented?

Hi @Jeremy_Goff ,
I have spoken with our tech team and they have explained that there was an issue with the webhook for the DFS event on 16th November which is why it did not work. However, they have said that it will be working as normal for the next event.
In answer to your second question, we are always looking to add further integrations to make taking part in events as easy as possible but we cannot promise anything at this stage. I will flag this with our Product team so that it can be mapped out to see how easily this could be done.
Mark - Team equiwatt

Thanks for getting back to me. At least if the Webhook had an issue on 16th, it wasn’t my setup :slight_smile: I’ll look forward to the next trigger.
Looking forward to Google Home integration with fingers crossed.
Rgds Jeremy

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I don’t believe the Webhook triggered for yesterday’s Equivent started.
I just tested Demo triggers and they work, so it’s definitely not me.