Equivents large appliances

Whilst im in full agreement with saving energy i have an issue with turning off some appliances during an event for instance turning off the washer is not going to save money most modern washers are cold fill so the water is going to cool whilst off using more energy to heat again, these whilst able to be turned off with the smart plug will not restart when the event is over, same applies to dishwashers, only appliances with mechanical switches will turn back on.

Welcome to the community @Derek_Streets! What we are ultimately rewarding you for & helping the grid with is not overall energy saving, but saving energy during peak times - and shifting it away to a non-peak time.

So it’s true that it may use more energy to heat the water again, but that would be at a non-peak time, and we would reward you enough to offset the energy lost by the appliance using a bit more energy at restart.

In-terms of devices that don’t restart automatically, I’d recommend not connecting such appliances. I’d say the most trouble-free thing to connect to would be a fridge/freezer or heating/cooling appliances as they offer high energy use that is also consistent.

Thanks for that understood

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