Errors in energy measurement and point calculation

Two errors to report:

  1. On 14 March you recorded (accurately) a saving of 0.098kWh which generated just 4 Points.

  2. On 21 March 0.2kWh was forecasted. Actual usage was 0.05kWh but the app reported higher usage.

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Hi @Jonathan_Darby,

Thanks for reporting this and I hope you are well.

I have looked into your queries and

  1. For the 14th March event, the reason for the change in points is that we pass on the rewards based on what National Grid pays us for that event hour. Given that National Grid’s payments change, the rewards we offer may vary from event to event for the same amount of kW saved depending on the requirements of the grid.

  2. I have raised this with our tech team and will get back to you once I have further details.

Thanks for your patience.

Just to let you know the same happend to me on that date. I used a lot less than forecast but the message on the app stated higher useage.

I’m puzzled by your response to the 14 March event @Shubham. If I look at the reward rate for other events in 2024 the rate ranges from 225 Points per kWh to 336.The rate for 14 March was 41 Points per kWh. This is so much lower than the usual rate. It makes participation pointless. If you are going to hold events with such a low rate of reward in the future you need to advise your customers of what the rate of reward will be in advance of each event.

One further observation on the 21 March event: in Your Participation the event is shown with no details of energy forecast and used, unlike all other events.

Hi @Jonathan_Darby,

For each event, National Grid ESO sets a price that they are willing to pay per kWh shifted by providers. We pass on 90% of this payment to our users. Since February ESO has been setting the payment level much lower than previously in order to test different scenarios as part of their DFS trials to see what change it has on both providers and households participating.

We agree that the rewards on offer need to be better and that is something that is being raised with ESO and will be fed back to them once the review of this winter DFS takes place. In terms of advising the rate of reward for each event, this is also something that we can raise.

Hi @Wayne_Gronow and @Jonathan_Darby

Our team has resolved the issue, you and all other affected equiwatt users can now view the updated point card for the respective event in the app.

Please let me know if you have any further concerns and thanks again for your patience.

Thanks Shubham.

It has been changed and points added.

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Thank you for your thorough explanation of pricing for National Grid ESO events @Shubham.

Another points error to point out: In yesterday’s event (26 March) my saving was 0.12 kWh but it was shown as 0.017 kWh.