Freezer not switching back on

This happened for the second time after this morning’s equivent.

When I looked, the Equivent had ended and everything was back on except the freezer in the kitchen. (Fridge was back on.)

They are connected via a devolo home plug in the kitchen, and I’m wondering if the switch off for an hour signal could be corrupted by the devolo cutting out before the message completes. I’ve stopped the develo switch participating in equivents for now.

Hi @John_Thomas, yeah that’s probably what’s happening. Can you let me know if it happens in the next one too? It doesn’t seem like your freezer was counted as participated today (possibly because of the unique setup). Because otherwise we track turn offs and make sure all devices that were turned off do turn back on.

Mahen, Previously I thought you said you sent a timed switch on. Anyway, no, I can’t let you know if it happens again because I’ve excluded the devolo switch from equivents. If my wife finds the freezer off again all the plugs may end up in the bin… :sleepy:

We do…if we successfully send the turn off command to a plug, it sends a timer command right after which sets the timer for it to turn back on.

But it sounds like you’re saying when your plug is switched off it also goes offline (turns off from power and loses wifi connection)? is that correct? Then the timer command will not be delivered.

John, I’ve had trouble with an older devolo device setup that kept dropping out and seemed to dropout some protocols randomly - MQTT would stop for me. I didn’t get to the bottom of it. Since changing to a wi-fi mesh extender system for the house I’ve not had any problems.

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Mahen, can’t be sure that’s what happened, depends on timing. But yes, it is possible.

I’ll just leave the devolo out of events for now.

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