Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my smart meter to the equiwatt app?

Follow this guide to add your Smart Meter to your equiwatt account to earn rewards for saving energy and CO2!

Where do I find the MAC/GUID/EUI number on my in-home display (IHD)?

Your MAC, GUID or EUI number can commonly be found on the bottom of your in-home display. Click here for guidance on where to locate it.

I don’t have a smart meter can I still take part?

Yes, even without a smart meter you can still take part in our peak-time energy-saving events & earn rewards via compatible smart devices or taking part in our monthly prize draw for the chance to win bonus points.

How do I opt-in to equivents?

There is no need to opt-in to any of our equivents unless they are part of the National Grid Demand Flexibility Service. Click to learn more

Why haven’t I received points for taking part in an equivent?

If you haven’t received any points for taking part in an equivent it is most likely because you have not managed to beat your forecast over the course of the equivent. Click to learn more.

How do I set up my TP-LINK Smart Plug for the first time?

Follow this guide to set up your TP-LINK Smart Plug and connect it to your appliance.

Why are my Kasa smart devices not showing in the equiwatt app?

If your Kasa devices are not visible in the app, it may be that they are not compatible or you need to reconnect your Kasa account. Click to learn more.

How do I add my address to the equiwatt app?

Follow this guide to add your address to your equiwatt account.