Good morning admin team Points Allocation

Good morning

Recently queried why no points have been allocated since the 27th September other members have also commented that they haven’t been allocated any, I would have thought these could be added so we could spend at Christmas, is there a problem we are not aware of.

Thanks Derek


Hi @Derek_Streets.

As National Grid ESO is paying for the rewards available from taking part in the events in question (as they are part of their Demand Flexibility Service), there are certain processes we have to go through before we can add them to your account.

To add your points to your account we need National Grid ESO to verify your savings and pay for your contribution during the events before we can pass it on to you.

As my colleague Mahen said this can take up to 1-2 months from the event date. So far this week we will only be releasing the points for the event that happened on the 16th of November.

I appreciate that this is not as quick as for our other non-DFS events but we hope you understand. We are making some updates to the app to make this clearer.


Mark - Team equiwatt


Can I have all my points allocated in January, so I stand a better chance of getting near the top of the leaderboard? :wink:

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