Have you considered?

I rarely notice the alerts at the start of Equivents -sometimes missing out on manual smart-meter points.

Is it possible to add an option to raise an audio alert for Equivent notifications?




I agree John i have yet to hear an event has started its only know when i’ve looked at my phone, could we not be notified earlier we would then be able to participate in the manual event. Derek


Do you both use iPhones per chance? We recently discovered a bug where the notification sound was not played on iPhones. It does seem to play on Android devices, but we are also looking into making the sound more distinct so you don’t miss it.

We will also give you advance notice for the National Grid’s DFS scheme events. But outside of that, we will follow our current method of no notice for now because it becomes easier to cheat the system and consume more electricity just before an event to earn more points, but we may change this in the future as we come up with better ways of combatting this.

Hi Mahen, no I’m using an android phone, all other apps with notifications seem louder than equiwatt, strange !

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We’ll definitely sort out a fix for this in the next release!

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Yeah, Android here as well.

Just select a specific notification sound for the equiwatt app. I’ve got mine set to an old fashioned car horn. Problem solved although it may depend on the version of Android you have.

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I heard the notification, but I get notifications for all sort of things. I was out of the room boiling the kettle for a cuppa at the time and didn’t get back to my phone until 15 minutes after the start and after boiling the kettle. Not really worth us manual people taking part.