I am thinking of leaving equiwatt due to issues

I have a issue with points pending after 14days since end of October onwards, also have issues with equiwatt saying my meter isn’t transmitting every 30mins when I have been told by my energy company that it is and been advised to erase my meter on the app and re add it on and it’s still not verified and I have lost out for over a week of earning.

I understand it’s a busy time of year but atleast verify my meter

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Snap. My meter readings arent being logged. No points from anything. Just redeemed points for a tesco voucher and the system they use isnt working properly so no voucher either

Normally so good but its all changed and gone to pot :frowning:

Hi @Daniel_Hayden, apologies for not getting back to you sooner, as you can imagine the majority of the equiwatt team has been on holiday so it is taking longer than normal to respond to queries.

Having looked at your account, we are receiving half-hourly data from your meter so I am not sure what the issue might have been but it appears to be sorted now.

Thanks, Mark - Team equiwatt

Hi @Angela_Higgs, looking at your account I can see that we are receiving half-hourly readings from your smart meter so you are all set up to get rewarded from taking part in our next event. I can also confirm that your voucher has been processed and sent out to you. Please can you check your spam / junk folder to make sure it has not ended up there? Thanks, Mark - Team equiwatt