Kasa automation not working again!

As per topic, kasa plugs are failing to switch off automatically again!

Ditto. Only event this month, and I missed it :pensive:
Never going to win that 1500 points

Think you had to sign up for this one.

I missed the notifications, which are usually silent during the day on my phone…

Hi @Ninko, there was an issue for the first DFS event that meant that some of our user’s smart plugs didn’t turn off. We are currently fixing this for the next event. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Thanks, Mark - Team equiwatt

This is now failing all the time. I opted in, five minutes before tonight’s DFS event, but nothing doing.

Hi @John_Thomas,

Thanks for your message and apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

May I know how many plugs are failing? We are happy to send replacement plugs for the same.

Thanks again for your patience and for being part of equiwatt community.

One, I think. (I’m not sure because more than one have been repeatedly unreliable.)

One definitely fails to switch off though. I’ve been round the houses with TP link support a couple of times. They got me to do a whole registration rigmarole including approval for UK RMA… Then nothing.

I have a bigger problem though, which I think is unrelated.

My last few equivents have remained at "being checked"status and I’ve received no points.

I’ve disconnected the meter from the app and registered it. Octopus Watch says there’s no data missing from the record for all the days in question.

I’m missing out on DFS credits. Should I consider ditching equiwatt altogether and sign up for Octopus’ rewards scheme?

I forgot/missed an email from TP Link about replacing the plug. They want me to pay shipping on the faulty plug. As that’s likely to cost not far short of the cost of a new plug… I’m not bothering with the hassle.

Hi @John_Thomas,

Apologies it seems you may have missed Mahen’s message in another thread:

"We can only release the pending points once ESO have settled each event with us and this can take up to 1-2 months from the event date. So far this week we will only be releasing the points for the event that happened on the 16th of November.

We will update the text on the app to make this timeline a bit clearer. If your points have been calculated and have gone into the “verifying with ESO” state, you will most definitely get your points. Just a matter of time."

I appreciate that this process is different to other events we have run in the past but it is just part of the process for the DFS events.


I may also be confusing it with the response that if my readings aren’t verified within 8 days, the points will not be awarded.

As Octopus Watch has regularly reported missing readings lately - though not since the beginning of December - but recommends only contacting Octopus after two weeks, I’m at risk of missing readings causing a failure I guess.

ONCE AGAIN, kasa plugs are failing to switch off automatically!

My Kasa plug also failed to turn my fridge-freezer off and on for this evening’s event. Also while there were messages about the event in the app and an email there were no notifications on my Android phone despite notifications being turned on for the equiwatt app.

@Jonathan_Darby I only knew about the event because of the email, no notification either.

Same. Don’t know if it’s a Google thing (probably) but came here to say I’d not had any notifications since the last app update.
Plugs didn’t turn off yesterday, despite Opting In around lunchtime

Hi, I am having trouble with Kasa devices showing offline again with the only fix being to remove the link with my Kasa account and to connect again/sign in. I have done this three times over the last couple of days. Please could you take a look?

Hi @Robert_Evans1, thanks for your message and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I have reported this to our tech support now.

Thanks again for your patience.