Late notificaion of Equivent for those taking part manually

I had no prior notificaion of todays event. At 17:02 I was notified of a message. I didn’t respond immediately as I was boiling the kettle for a cuppa at the time. By the time I got back to my phone it was 17:15. I had notification that an event started at 17:00. Basically, no point taking part as I’ve already used up my Wh for the period of the event.
Anybody else have this problem, or am I the problem?

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Hi @colin_whitfield, welcome to the community. I think this is quite a fair point and this is something we are currently working on. We started out with automated EVs & Plugs, and only recently did we come out with the smart meter integration which allows you to earn points via manual participation. (Note that it still says “(Beta)” when you have participated via your Smart Meter)

So some of our flows - like advanced notice of an event unless it’s a DFS event, are still catching up.

We hope to rectify these in the coming releases. But it’s very much a step by step process as we don’t want to radically change everything in one go.

Hope that makes sense.

This issue also affected the webhook. I think during the same Equivent I received both the app notification and the webhook fired at 17:08 meaning that I missed most of the first 10 minutes. So far it does appear to be a one off.

I had the same with using the IFTTT link, the start event didnt trigger until 17:08 and the end event never triggered at all, this was the first time using it with it linked to my Home Assistant, luckily being the first one I didnt trust it and manually shut off everything.

I also noticed in the app from manually watching it it didnt show the event had started at 5pm either.

Yeah this event had some issues related to Kasa at the start which caused the event to start late.

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