Low Forecast preventing participation

I’ve had “Low Forecast - Your forecast was too low for this equivent” for 7 of the last 10 Equivents. If I “Tap to learn more” there is no mention of low forecasts.

What’s going on? I have fridge and freezer on a linked smart switch so I usually make a small saving from these being turned off even if there are no other ways to cut electricity use.

I think I saw an explanation somewhere that if you’re forecast to use less than 24Wh during the period, no points can be awarded.

I never use that little. At 2 in the morning it can be as low as 110Wh. Late afternoon/early evening it’s usually between 250 and 400Wh.

@Jonathan_Darby I have exactly the same issue. Before it showed forecast as too low it was showing that I didn’t reduce my energy usage for those events. It absolutely cannot be that the forecast is too low unless the forecast is wrong because my house consumes quite a bit of energy even if we’re away (that’s a different story). @Mark_equiwatt is this something that can be looked into?

Hi all, thank you for highlighting this to us.

From what we can see it appears as though there is a UI bug affecting the ‘Your Participation’ page of the app at the moment. This means that some event cards are showing the ‘Low Forecast’ message even though that is not the case and you have earned points from the events in question.

In fact, looking at our backend console @Jonathan_Darby I can see that you have earned points for 8 out of the last 10 events.

If you go to the ‘Account Balance’ page by tapping on the points widget on the home screen of the app you should be able to see that despite what the other card says you have in fact been awarded points for some of the events in question.

If this is not the case or you have lost any points from your balance then let us know and we will investigate.

Apologies for any confusion, the team are working on getting this fixed as soon as possible. We will also make sure to make the information around low forecasts clearer in the knowledge base.


Mark - Team equiwatt


Hi all,

Just to let you know that the team have fixed the issue causing some of the equivent participation cards in the ‘Your Participation’ page of the app to display the ‘Low Forecast’ message inaccurately.

However, we are also aware that the ‘Your Participation’ screen only currently shows the last 10 events and has a continuous scroll and we are working on fixing this with the next app release.

Thanks again for bringing this bug to our attention and if you spot anything else like this, please let us know!

All the best,

Mark -Team equiwatt


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Another reporting bug. See image above.

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Hi Jonathan, thanks for reporting this!

It was caused due to the UI not accounting for earnings being assigned to your Fridge…we take that saving away from your meter so you don’t get duplicate points for that same savings.

We’ve fixed it for you now, and the long term fix will be pushed later today for everyone else.

Thanks again for the report!

I have had the same issue.

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I noticed today that the missing points from the Kasa plugs have been corrected. Thank you.


It happened again yesterday. It was above the minimum Wh saving (24?) although not by much.