Meters no longer connected to app and showing date

Hi, since DCC had problems my electricity meter stopped showing data in the app, this happened end of February, i reset the meters according to your instructions since then neither meter is connected to the app as a result i cannot participate in any event or earn points. The meters are showing usage Scottish Power are receiving data and the home display is correct. Help required please

Hi @Derek_Streets thanks for reaching out. As you well mention, there have been a few issues affecting the smart meter network (DCC) since end of February which may still be unresolved. We run recovery tools to try to fix this and we will run them on your MPAN today again, may we ask to give re-consent in the evening and wait for 12-48 hours to see meter data comes through please? If this does not work, unfortunately there is nothing more we can do about it at this time but we will keep you updated. Hopefully this works.

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Morning Atzin, Thanks for your continued help and assistance in this problem, i finally received a reply from Scottish Power stating its a low signal problem and nothing can be done, i pointed out that the gas and electricity meters use the same communication device and gas readings are ok received every day and updated every 30min so how can it be a signal problem ! no responce !.

Keep up the good work. Regards Derek

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