National Grid DFS event opt-in disabled

Unable to login for tommorows event only showing button to opt out !!

Hi @Derek_Streets if you only see the option to opt-out it will be because you have been flagged by National Grid as being opted into another provider’s DFS scheme.

Unfortunately, National Grid guidelines only permit you to take part in the DFS scheme via 1 provider, so if you want to take part with equiwatt then you will need to opt out of the other provider’s scheme and let us know when you have done so via email (

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Thanks Mark, strange as i have been able to opt into all events before, I cancelled my registration with Hugo weeks ago as yours was the better and more technical app, under your terms and conditions you could not register with other apps also, however I’ve just installed their app and again cancelled as their instructions, and again removed the app, hope this works.

Hi @Derek_Streets no problem. The National Grid sends us a list after every DFS event with any duplicated MPANs (e.g. users signed up to more than 1 scheme) so it could be an error on their side or that Hugo included you by accident or something similar.

Looking at their terms I can see it says:
If at any point you wish to opt-out of the Scheme simply turn off the Winter Cashback Registration toggle button in the HUGO app SETTINGS.

So as long as that is what you have done then I don’t see if why it should have happened. The only thing I would suggest is sending an email to them at stating that you want to be opted out of their scheme. If you can forward this email to us at then I will make sure that you can opt in for today’s event.


Team equiwatt

Hi @Derek_Streets , I’ve faced exactly this situation & I’d turned off the ‘auto-attend grid events’ setting on ‘Power Rewards’ app beforehand, still I couldn’t login to the equiwatt app when the notification had arrived (to opt me in to this latest grid event that just went by y’day)

I’d to reinstall the app for this. I lost my reward points due to an app glitch on equiwatt’s end. I’d appreciate @Mark_equiwatt if you could grant me reward points based on my past activity.

Hi @Sameekshya_Panda, we did not experience any issues with the app on Monday. You could not opt into the DFS event yesterday (21st Feb) as National Grid included your MPAN in a list of users that are currently opted into more than 1 DFS scheme, which is in breach of their guidelines.

Unfortunately, until you have opted out of the other provider’s DFS scheme and provided us evidence of this, your opt-in to DFS events with us will be disabled. You should have received an email explaining this last Friday (17th Feb).

I am afraid that there is no automated link between DFS provider’s systems, so simply changing the settings in another provider’s app will not automatically enable you to be able to opt-in with us. You will need to email the other provider to request that they opt you out of their scheme and then forward this email to us.

The reason we need an email is so that we have clear evidence of which provider you wish to participate in the DFS scheme with. This will enable us to resolve any issues with National Grid on your behalf in case the other provider doesn’t remove you from their scheme or accidentally includes you in future events which would prevent you from participating and earning rewards with us.

Once we have this email evidence from you, we can then opt you back into our scheme and enabled the opt-in pop-up so that you can take part in future DFS events with us.

We are sorry that you missed out on points, however, these are the guidelines that we have to follow as a provider for the National Grid DFS scheme.


Team equiwatt

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