No Smart meter for sessions

I don’t have a smart meter so can’t sign up for the power saving sessions.
(Long story, neighbour tried with smart meter and eventually they took it out again)

But my kasa plugs don’t turn off during the saving sessions. Wouldn’t that still help the grid?
Could there be a Power DOWN event at the same time just for the usual small amount of points?

I know I must be in a minority here …

Hi @Derek_ladkin,

Thank you for your message. We are sorry to hear that you are not able to get a smart meter and participate in our winter DFS powerDOWN events.

Unfortunately, as per National Grid ESO’s T&Cs and requirements we are only able to participate users that have smart meters in their events as they will only pay for energy reductions that can be verified with smart meter data.

This means that if we enabled you to take part then we would not be able to reward you for reducing your energy usage as ESO is paying for the rewards available for participating in these events.

To run an event for you at the same time as the DFS events and reward you as per our usual events is something that I can raise with the rest of the team but I wouldn’t want to make any promises as it adds extra complexities and is probably not possible at the moment.


Mark - Team equiwatt