Problem with new Kasa API?

I updated to the new Kasa API as requested at the end of last month and today’s instant powerDOWN was the first since then. I have my fridge-freezer on a Kasa plug and the points credited were +12 suggesting a very small saving. Previous points for the Kasa plug-controlled fridge-freezer were +36 (29th), +39 (25th) and +38 (24th). Today was a particularly hot day so there is no reason for the saving to have been only a third of the previous instant powerDOWNs. I’m left wondering is there a bug in the API or is the fault in my Kasa plug?

Hi @Jonathan_Darby,

Thanks for your message.

I have manually checked your appliance “Fridge-freezer” and from what I can see the awarded 12 points for the device participation are correct based on the reading that our system retrieved. Although your device has tended to get around 36-39 points, there is no guarantee that it will also receive this amount. In fact, a drop in points is common behaviour especially with appliances like fridges/freezers as they do not use the same amount of energy constantly due to running in cycles. This means the state they are in at the start of an event will impact the number of points they earn.

I hope this helps.

All the best and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi @Shubham,

I accept the point that the exact amount of electricity a fridge-freezer will use in a short time period will vary, however the energy-monitoring smart plug will merely confirm that no energy has been used during an event, not how much energy would have been used. For this presumably the smart plug has been monitored at some point or points prior to the event. To get such large variations in expected usage the monitoring period must be quite short. If accuracy matters, and maybe it doesn’t, then a longer pre-event monitoring period is needed.