Smart Meter data Display in App

When viewing my smart meter data in the app I see that the times shown are for the end of the relevant period (confusing) and that the first period of the day is missing but included at the end of the previous day. Please fix this when you get an opportunity.

Hi @Oliver_Dawson, yes we do timestamp the end of a certain period. We will be making it so that it would show the entire period instead because showing the beginning of the period could also be misleading…

Yes it would be less ambiguous if you show the start and end times. However, the main issue is that you are missing the first 30 minute period of the day and including at the end of the previous day’s chart. You’ve even confused yourselves by using the period end times! (yes I know that the DCC provide data in that format)

Yeah, providing both is the most straightforward but there’s also limited space, so we’re working on an improved solution. And yes, we currently just provide it in exactly the same way the DCC provides it to us without any changes.

I think you missed the error I am reporting. For a given day you are missing the first 30 minute period of data and including the next day’s 00:00-00:30 data at the end (labelled 12:30 AM). So all the data is shifted by 30 minutes and consequently the day totals are wrong too.

I have just checked my data from the DCC and prior to British Summer Time your data is 30 minutes out in the opposite direction. i.e. The first period on your smart meter charts for a given day is actually the last period from the previous day.

This may be no big deal when displaying the charts in the app but what worries me is that you could be using the wrong smart meter data when doing the calculations after an equivent.

I see, thanks for this report, I’ll ask the team to look into this. Seems to be a timezones issue and an issue with how the data is categorized into days. The data used for calculations are accurate and different from what’s displayed on charts. And we do everything in UTC for calculations as they’re not user facing. But it’s tricky when displaying them…especially when you’re able to view data from outside BST while being in BST.

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Well someone in the team has confused the timestamps from the DCC data as being the start of the 30-minute period instead of the end and then messed up the 1 hour shift to BST. (energy monitoring and logging is my business)