Smart Plugs etc

I’ve downloaded the Equiwatt app to have a look, and linked it to my smart meters. But I’m a little confused as I see discussions of linking the app to smart plugs and the like. But I can’t see an options in the app to link it to anything. Also the app says it can’t get any data from my meters. I have several other apps like ivie, Hugo, Loop and Bright which are able to get data from my meters.

Is anyone able to assist please?

On the Manage tab (2nd of 5 at the bottom) you should have a Smart Connections option where you can link a (TP-Link) Kasa account, if you have one

If your Meter page has your correct MPAN etc details it may just take a day or two to download your smart meter data :crossed_fingers:

Hi @Andrew_Meek

First of all welcome to the equiwatt community :wave:

I will run recovery tools on your MPAN now, which takes around 48 hours to complete. We will let you know if any further action is required from your side after this is complete.

Regarding, connecting Kasa plugs and other devices to the equiwatt app, this feature is available to legacy users who are part of our beta testing and have access to a slightly different version of the app.

Currently, we are not recruiting any more beta testers at the moment but we will let you know if that changes.

Please let me know if you have any further questions :ear:

Thanks again for your patience and for being part of equiwatt community.

Thanks for running recovery tools @Shubham, hopefully that will fix things