Three events still showing no points

Afternoon i have three events participated in waiting for points to be issued, stated waiting confirmation could take upto 14 days is there a problem.

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Ive also had the same and they advising could take a month but I have one over a month so I am unsure what is going on now :confused:

With last nights event I have 7 that are awaiting confirmation. Starting to get a little concerned

So have i used to get points allocated in 3 or 4 days now some over 2 weeks and still not allocated.

It is somewhat disconcerting. I can’t rid myself of the thought that Equiwatt have run into difficulties. I very much hope not.

Be intersting to know how many of us have not received points, seems strange no one from Equiwatt team have commented

Hi everyone! Really sorry that the team has not yet responded to your posts. We can only release the pending points once ESO have settled each event with us and this can take up to 1-2 months from the event date. So far this week we will only be releasing the points for the event that happened on the 16th November.

We will update the text on the app to make this timeline a bit clearer. If your points have been calculated and have gone into the “verifying with ESO” state, you will most definitely get your points. Just a matter of time :grinning: