Webhook integration payload

I’ve setup a Webhook (Equivent start) with a URL to my Smart Home App, but it doesn’t work.
I suspect the payload is not required, so how do I edit or remove it?

Hey @Jeremy_Goff. What smart home system are you using? I have the webhook setup for use with Home Assistant and it’s working perfectly with no need to modify the payload.

For my Smart devices and scenes I’m using EweLink.

Hi Jeremy, when you say “edit or remove” do you mean removing the payload? That level of customisation is not possible because we use the payload to send information related to the webhook event.

Did you try to send requests by some other means to your URL to debug it?

No, that’s a good idea. I’ll test that out and come back to you.

I’m not familiar with Ewelink and I can’t really see why it wouldn’t work but ultimately if you can’t get it to work directly you could always integrate with IFTTT and then get IFTTT to send the webhook to Ewelink.

So if I enter my equiwatt webhook URL in a browser, the browser displays {“error”:0,“msg”:“”,“data”:{}} and the scene in EweLink is triggered.
But if I send a demo trigger from Equiwatt App then nothing happens.