Welcome to the beta tester program!

Thank you for helping make equiwatt better!

As a beta tester, you will get access to the latest features & integrations of equiwatt before anyone else. And in return, we hope you will help us make them better, by sharing your feedback/comments & bug reports with us.

Feel free to create discussions around any existing/non-existing features and bugs.

Joining the beta

If you’re not already a part of the beta program, you can request to join by visiting Settings > Beta tester program in the app. We will add you to the program after a brief review of your profile. You don’t need to download any special apps, your existing equiwatt app will become the beta app.

Beta app features

Once you’ve been accepted to the beta program, you’ll see two new icons on your app:

  1. IMG_55477FA89EA9-1

    Beta App Badge: A persistent badge which means the version of the app you’re seeing is a beta version.

  2. IMG_55477FA89EA9-1 copy

    Feedback Button: A movable button which you can tap anytime to create a bug report. Tapping the button will automatically take a screenshot of the current page.

Currently in beta

Below are the features that are currently available via the beta:
(I will keep this list updated as we release more features)

Release Notes

We will also be posting release notes for all future updates so you can see what’s new in the app and help us test the app in general, the latest release notes are linked below:


I have done beta requested, but nothing happened any idea how long will it take thanks

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Hi @Imran_aleem! We’ve had a huge number of beta requests in the past 2 weeks, will onboard everyone by the end of the week.

Are release notes no longer published?

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In the last couple of releases it’s been all about refactoring & bug fixing, we didn’t change anything or release anything new so I didn’t think it would be valuable to do it. But I guess it does make sense to have them up even if there isn’t anything new.