What’s new in release v2.0.8

Release v2.0.8 Build: 20196

What’s New

Bugs Fixed

  • General bug fixes & improvements

Sorry, done it again!

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Haha, that’s great! I didn’t even get the chance to create the thread yet. You’re definitely the first again! :pray:t2:

Thanks for the points.

Seems only fair that I let someone else have a crack at it next time - though I think I posted the find 8 hours after you mentioned it in the release note!

If I do forget and find it first, you are welcome to remind me of this and award the points to the second poster!

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That’s generous of you! But you put in the work and found it first, so you should get the points!

And we award the first 3 finders, so the others won’t miss out :blush:

Think I found it - but got a message saying ive already claimed it - screenshot of that above

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Brilliant! Will look into why it may have said already claimed for you. That shouldn’t happen.