What’s new in release v2.0.9

Release v2.0.9 Build: 20204

What’s New

  • A new & simplified referral scheme which allows you to earn 1000 points for every one of your referrals that join equiwatt & earn points. We also plant 1 tree for every referral that connects a Smart Meter!
  • A new combined leaderboard which unifies all the points you earn using appliances & EVs.
  • You can now see more Kasa plugs at a glance on the Home Screen widget, and you can see your Kasa Plug’s name on top of each tab in the Kasa settings screen.
  • An improved electricity usage graph for viewing your Smart Meter’s historic energy usage.
  • A clear indication of when your Smart Meter’s data was last refreshed.
  • You can now change your manually participated device selection at any time during an equivent.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where Smart Charging via a tariff would not sometimes work when using an EV Charger.
  • Fixed an issue in EV equivent point histories which would cause it to not appear for some users.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in last equivent points stats shown inside EV settings and main points stats.
  • General bug fixes & improvements.

Note for easter egg hunters: Please note that we have not included a new Easter egg in this release.
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Isn’t combining EV and non EV users into one points table going to discriminate against non EV owners?

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That’s something we considered. But looking at the past few months’ leaderboards, a lot of the time, the top 3 on the “EV Leaderboard” wouldn’t have made it onto the top 5-10 on the “Smart Home” one (possibly as EVs aren’t always ready to participate in every event).

We’ve recently also been seeing some of the non-EV users participating manually via Smart Meter earning quite a lot of additional points (similar to what an EV would give them). So we didn’t think there would be any unfairness competing against an EV.

However, we will be introducing more leaderboard features very soon too. And those will give you even more opportunities to get to a top 3 position! :blush:

Thanks for that. Yes the participation by smart meter is great.

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