Am I still connected to Equiwatt?

According to the app I haven’t participated in equivents very much recently:

And I’m a little concerned that my connected smart plugs aren’t showing the correct details (i.e. they show as offline):

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Has the connection between Equiwatt and Kasa been lost?

Or is it true that there haven’t been many events recently?


The snipped image:

I saw an event four days ago, though I don’t know if events always happen for all Equiwatt users at the same time.

If your plugs are offline, you should look at your Kasa app. If they’re offline there, there may be a problem with your network.

Regards, John

Hi @MagicHorsey, looking at your account your smart plugs all appear to be offline which means they aren’t ready to take part in equivents in their current state.

We would suggest trying a few of the steps in this article to try and resolve the connection issue - How do I fix my TP-Link Smart Plug's connectivity issues?

Sometimes it can just take disconnecting your Kasa account from the app and reconnecting it which fixes the issue.

With regards to event frequency, it is worth adding that we have made some changes to how we run equivents which are explained here - We’ve made some updates to equivents!

Finally, we have just launched a new Kasa API for Beta users, so you may want to join the Beta tester program to try that out. You can apply to join the Beta program via the settings of the app.

Let us know if you have any questions or need any further assistance.

Mark - Team equiwatt

I removed my Kasa account and re-added it and now all seems good. I suspect it was due to a password change.


Request sent. I’m curious.

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